Monday, March 25, 2024

Woolly Nona

Greetings, friends.  Nancy here.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post again.  We're glad to be back.

As it does, Nona's hair grew and grew and grew.  She was an adorable woolly 'dale.
She looked cuddly and she was happy to be cuddled.
But with spring on the way, I knew I needed to do something about her long hair.  Clipping takes a few hours but her soft coat would just get softer and lighter tan and more grey than black.  On the other hand, stripping her could take weeks.  I dithered.

I finally began stripping her a little over a week ago.
After my husband lets her outside early in the morning, she races back upstairs to cuddle on the bed.  When I wake up, I spend time cuddling, petting, and stripping her coat while she settles in for a little nap.  I took this photo about 10 days ago and we've made more progress.  Her black saddle used to be long and grey.

I think an Airedale's hard coat is much easier to keep neat and clean.  Thank goodness it's not too cool outside these days.

But Nona loved the snow.  In fact she loved it so much she snow-plowed and sometimes rolled around in it! 
You gotta love Airedales!

We hope you're having fun, whatever you're doing!

--Nancy and Nona.