Sunday, December 3, 2017

What My Pop Found

My pop found this ad with an Airedale in the Sunday newspaper today. 

In my opinion, it's about time we Airedales were featured in ads more often.  I don't personally eat Purina but I'm glad they hired an Airedale.

And that cat....  My sister has two kittens she brings home when she visits.  They are not very nice kitties.  They bat at my nose and try to jump on me.  Sometimes I have to growl at them.  I'll show you a picture of them another time.

My mum thought I didn't know what was going on when she took this photo.  I know that little, flat, rectangular box is a camera and she knows I don't like to be photographed, but I let her take this photo.

She thinks it's very cute how I cross my paws in front of me.

I hope you have a fun day.


Saturday, September 30, 2017


"Being brought up
by an Airedale
obviously brainwashed me."

Christopher Plummer

(Read the complete interview at "Inside the Head... Christopher Plummer" at Daily Mail Online.)

I love learning about famous people who love/loved Airedales.



Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Several Excellent Posts (if Your Airedales Aren't Perfect)

If you're an Airedale and you're reading this post, go take a nap or go play outside.  Let your mum or pop do the reading.  This post is not for Airedales.

I don't know if you follow Patricia B. McConnell's blog, The Other End of the Leash, or not.  She is the author of a book by the same name as well as a few others.  By training she is an applied animal behaviorist, which means she studies behavior in dogs.  She knows dogs!  And she writes interestingly and has a great sense of humor.

These two posts address problems we can have with our Airedales:

And this post addresses those second thoughts we may have after fostering or adopting a dog:

Be sure to read the comments on these posts, too.  She has very knowledgeable readers.

It's just my humble opinion but I think she shares great information.

Your Airedale doesn't bark, you say?  And comes every time you call?  Either you are an amazing trainer or your Airedale is a super-'dale.

I just thought I'd share (and also keep a reminder for myself for whenever the need may arise).


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pirate Duck

This pirate duck is one of my favorite toys.  He's big enough that my mum and I can play tug with him.  My sister bought him for me a few years ago.  She wasn't sure I'd like him but I do.  He has a funny honking duck sound when I squeeze him.  I don't play with him all the time but I like him and pull him out now and then.

Do you have favorite toys?

Bye.  I hope you have a fun day.


Friday, May 26, 2017


Whatcha doin'?  Do you wanna play tug with me and my duck?

It's a dandy duck.  It's the biggest toy I have and it's big enough for two of us to get a good hold for a fun game of tug.  Wanna play?  Come on, you know you do.

I don't like to have my photo taken but mum got this new gadget, something she calls a smartphone, that she uses to sneak snapshots of me.  I think phones should stick to their own business and not be cameras.

She clipped me a week or so before this photo was taken but she missed a few spots.  Do you think my eyebrows are uneven?

I hope you have a fun weekend and don't worry about those big bangs that start this time of year.  They bother me a lot but less than they used to.  We'll all be safe.

from Hannah.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hannah, do you want a Necco?
Airedale Hannah
What?  A Necco?!  Yes, please!  You know I love Neccos.

Sit and wait.  I want to take a photo of you with the package before I give you one, Hannah.
Airedale Hannah
You know I don't like photos, Mum, but okay, I'll sit.  But just for a second or two.

Oh, Hannah!  No grabbing.  You wait till I take the photo.
Airedale Hannah with Neccos
But, Mum, they're for me and you're taking too long!  And besides that I already said please.

I saw that sweet please, Hannah, and that's a perfect wait.  Now you can have a Necco.
Airedale Hannah with Neccos

I love, love, love Neccos.  I drool for Neccos and when my mum gives them to me I chew them.  Mum doesn't understand why I chew Neccos but not my food.  And she doesn't know why I like them but I'm glad she keeps giving them to me -- once in a while.

Does your mum give you treats you love and does she make you wait for them, too?

--from Hannah (and Nancy).

Monday, May 15, 2017

An Airedale at the Store

My mum doesn't do a great job with her camera in the store:  she keeps gettin' a shine.  But she found these treats with an Airedale on them.  She loves seein' Airedales at the store even if they are only on labels.

Can you believe she didn't bring me a bag?  She says I have a tender tummy and that I have to stick to foods we know my tummy can handle.  Oh, well.  At least I get to share the photos with you.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mum's Day, 2017

I love my mum the best of everyone I know.  I decided she was best the first night I came here a long time ago when she spent the night on the floor with me so I wouldn't be afraid.  

My mum loves me, too.  Sometimes I make her laugh.  She says I'm the dearest Airedale she knows.

This photo was taken almost nine years ago when I was three.  I'm 11 years old now.  I have white eyebrows and my muzzle is turnin' white, too.  Sometimes Mum gets weepy because she knows Airedales don't live as long as their people.  

I'm just gonna keep lovin' her, though, no matter how old I get.

Happy Mum's Day, Mum.  I love you.

from Hannah.