Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I'm Bored

My mum won't let me do hardly anything except eat and sleep.
No walks.
No playing.
No rubbing my muzzle after a drink.
No stairs except to go outside to pee and poop.
No going upstairs to sleep on the bed with mum and pop.
No nothing but sleeping and resting and walking in the house.
Isn't my mum mean?  I'm an Airedale, after all, and we like to play and do things!

Two Fridays ago I didn't feel so great.  My pop called my vet on Friday for an appointment and they said they were booked and couldn't fit me in.  (My mum says she's thinking about switching vets.)  Pop made an appointment for Monday afternoon.

On Saturday morning I stood up, leaned against Mum, tried to take a few steps, and fell down.  I felt miserable and they knew I couldn't wait till Monday to see a vet.  They were really worried about me.  I wouldn't have gone to the emergency vet if I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything afterward.

When they brought me home they fed me chicken broth in bed and were very careful about me.  The vet said I had "cervical pain" probably caused by a bulging disc and that my white blood cell count was high.  Mum says they gave me an anti-inflammatory medicine, a pain medicine, and an antibiotic.  I don't know what those mean but whatever they are, they brought some home and gave them to me in peanut butter.  I love peanut butter!  And I feel better now -- better enough that I could jump and play and rub my muzzle. 

Mum says the doctor says I have an exercise restriction for 4 weeks.  (I think that's a long time, isn't it?  It's already been a long time and Mum says it's going to be more time.)  I can't run, jump, play, go up stairs, and I have to have as little activity as possible and the vet said "she should be confined to a kennel or small room."

That vet was nice to me but I don't like being confined and I don't like hearing Mum say "no" to me all the time.

Sigh.  I'm bored.

--from Hannah.