Monday, February 14, 2011

When You Foster

When you foster an Airedale your heart gets involved. And when that foster Airedale leaves, even though she's going to what may become her forever home, your eyes and heart cry. Another rescue volunteer (whose probably fostered hundreds of Airedales and sent them on to forever homes) tells me that she still cries.

Little Bit, a girl we fostered for nearly four months, left this morning to try out living at a home that could become her forever home. She's a 9-month-old puppy whose confidence is bigger than she is; whose attitude is bold; and whose style is energetic. She's sweet as all get-out with the uprights -- and wants to be in charge of all the four-leggeds. The home where she's going has a one-year pup of a different terrier breed. They seemed to get along well during the visit. We hope they'll continue to get along.

There were several reasons why it was best for Little Bit to go to a new home but the most important was because she and Hannah didn't develop the best of relationships.

However, Hannah now misses Bit. She asked to go outside a few hours after Bit left. She only wanted to look out the breezeway door to see if a car was bringing Bit back. And she repeated her request to check the driveway several times. Hannah may be hurting a bit at her absence - she had no way of knowing what was coming. I, on the other hand, knew Bit would be leaving and yet I was not able to prevent my heart from being involved.

I'm grateful that we can foster 'dales in need and yet sad when they leave. If it doesn't work out at her new home, she'll come back again. I hope the best for you, Little Bit! I hope you grow into a very well-mannered adult Airedale!