Friday, April 5, 2019

Dr. 'Dale

My mum and pop found this Airedale hanger at a little antique shop.  They didn't buy it but mum snapped a photo. 

She calls him Dr. 'Dale even though the name on his scrubs shirt says "Dr. Appell."  She said she's sure his first name is 'Dale so he's Dr. 'Dale to her.

I would like an Airedale doctor but I don't think I would like Dr. 'Dale.  He doesn't look very friendly or welcoming or happy to me. Too serious.  We Airedales who have health problems need doctors who are happy, friendly, enthusiastic, and also sympathetic.  Maybe he would get lots of patients if he smiled a little.

I hope you are healthy and don't have to visit your vet very often.

--from Hannah.