Friday, May 13, 2011

"A is for Airedale" Quilt Patterns Available Now!

If you didn't already know, "A is for Airedale" was the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee's offering for 2010. It garnered over $10,000.00 for National Airedale Rescue last year.

Now - oh, joy! - the Bee has decided to sell the patterns for each block, individually or as a set. The money will support the production of the quilt (fabric, batting, shipping, etc.) and continued donations to National Airedale Rescue.

Can't you imagine a wall-hanging that spells your dear 'dale's name? Or how about turning the letters into an Airedale alphabet coloring book for your child or grandchild? Perhaps you'd like to make a pillow. Or a tote bag. Wouldn't these images look great in a scrapbook? The uses for these patterns are limited only by your imagination.
For me, one of the joys of these patterns is the Airedale antic depicted in each block. A is for Airedale, B is for Bounce, C is for Catch, ... M is for Mischief (and can't our Airedales find/make Mischief?!), N is for Nosepoke, ... T is for Tuckbuttrun,.... Some of them make me laugh out loud. I know you'll find a favorite letter or two as you view them and you won't be able to resist buying a few - or the whole set!

Instructions for making an Airedale applique:
Applique an Airedale, Part 1 - Tracing the Pattern
Applique an Airedale, Part 2 - Auditioning and Choosing Fabrics
Applique an Airedale, Part 3 - Cutting the Pattern Pieces
Applique an Airedale, Part 4 - Stitching, Finishing
Applique an Airedale, Part 5 - Photos

These images are copyright and it would be illegal to copy them without paying for them at the "A is for Airedale" Pattern site. Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Airedales are True Friends

In addition to loving Airedales, I enjoy family history and often search old newspapers for obituaries and other announcements. I was thrilled to find this ad for Velvet tobacco in the January 21, 1920, issue of The Steubenville Herald-Star. Isn't this drawing of an Airedale grand?!

Airedales were popular in the 1920s but they didn't always look like our Airedales of today. This one does!

He's part of an ad for Velvet tobacco. While I don't condone the use of tobacco I certainly appreciate Velvet's choice to use an Airedale to represent a true friend.

If you'd like to see the images larger, you can click on them. They'll open in the same window. When you've finished, click the back arrow on your browser to return you to this blog post.

I hope you're enjoying your Airedale and find that he or she is the truest friend you've ever had!