Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paper Airedale Blue

My mum goes nuts over paper Airedales.  She has a huge collection of 'em she keeps in a book.  I told her she should start posting her paper 'dales because I still don't like being in pictures (just sometimes I let her take one).

She found this one in Sunday's newspaper.  It was part of an advertisement for Pet Cancer Awareness.  She's sure that puppy is an Airedale.  I think it is, too, because we Airedales are the biggest terriers (we're the King of Terriers, or in my case, the Queen, you know) and that puppy is way bigger than that cat.

So maybe I'll persuade my mum to keep on posting her paper 'dales.  (As much as she loves her paper 'dales, she loves me lots, lots, lots more than them.)

I love my mum, too.  For Mother's Day I let her play with my favorite toy for two minutes.

Bye for now,
from Hannah