Friday, May 26, 2017


Whatcha doin'?  Do you wanna play tug with me and my duck?

It's a dandy duck.  It's the biggest toy I have and it's big enough for two of us to get a good hold for a fun game of tug.  Wanna play?  Come on, you know you do.

I don't like to have my photo taken but mum got this new gadget, something she calls a smartphone, that she uses to sneak snapshots of me.  I think phones should stick to their own business and not be cameras.

She clipped me a week or so before this photo was taken but she missed a few spots.  Do you think my eyebrows are uneven?

I hope you have a fun weekend and don't worry about those big bangs that start this time of year.  They bother me a lot but less than they used to.  We'll all be safe.

from Hannah.


  1. You look perfect to me, Hannah, and I would love to come and play with you and your ducky!

    1. If you ever come to Ohio, Molly, tell my mum and maybe we could get together. That would be fun.


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