Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hannah, do you want a Necco?
Airedale Hannah
What?  A Necco?!  Yes, please!  You know I love Neccos.

Sit and wait.  I want to take a photo of you with the package before I give you one, Hannah.
Airedale Hannah
You know I don't like photos, Mum, but okay, I'll sit.  But just for a second or two.

Oh, Hannah!  No grabbing.  You wait till I take the photo.
Airedale Hannah with Neccos
But, Mum, they're for me and you're taking too long!  And besides that I already said please.

I saw that sweet please, Hannah, and that's a perfect wait.  Now you can have a Necco.
Airedale Hannah with Neccos

I love, love, love Neccos.  I drool for Neccos and when my mum gives them to me I chew them.  Mum doesn't understand why I chew Neccos but not my food.  And she doesn't know why I like them but I'm glad she keeps giving them to me -- once in a while.

Does your mum give you treats you love and does she make you wait for them, too?

--from Hannah (and Nancy).


  1. I have never had a Necco, Hannah, but mom does share lots of yummy stuffs with me☺

    1. It's great to have a mum who shares. You can learn more about Neccos here if you want to: Thanks for visiting, Molly.


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