Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pirate Duck

This pirate duck is one of my favorite toys.  He's big enough that my mum and I can play tug with him.  My sister bought him for me a few years ago.  She wasn't sure I'd like him but I do.  He has a funny honking duck sound when I squeeze him.  I don't play with him all the time but I like him and pull him out now and then.

Do you have favorite toys?

Bye.  I hope you have a fun day.



  1. Pirate duckie looks like a fun toy, Hannah! My favorite toy is a tennis ball and it always will be forever and ever!

    1. Hi, Molly. My mum offered me tennis balls but I like better the balls that are softer and have squeakers and tails. (My mum uses tennis balls in the dryer sometimes. If you ever visited I'm sure she'd let you use one to play with.)

  2. OMD, I gots a duck almost like that one! Mine isn't a cool pirate though, it's just a blue duck that honks too! It's FABulous for makin' noise! BOL
    Ruby ♥

    1. A blue duck would be fun, Ruby. The noise part is one of the best parts, don't you think?


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