Monday, December 4, 2023

One Sunny Day

My mum and I were taking a walk on that sunny day and Mum noticed our black shadows.  She took some photos of me. 
She said that even if all she saw were the shadow, she would have known it was me, or some other Airedale.
We are a very distinctive breed, don't you think?.
We may get snow tomorrow!

Nancy here.  And I wonder if Nona will roll around in the snow like she did the frost!

We hope you have a fun day.

--Nancy and Nona.


  1. We AireGirls have a very distinctive shadow and it's a beautiful one. I hope you get your fun snow, Nona!

    1. Thank you, Molly. We didn't get snow yet but I'm still hoping for some.

  2. love this! .......keep posting ....... xoxo. J.C.P.

    1. Thank you, Jeff. If only I could help Nona smile for the camera, I might most more often.


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