Saturday, December 2, 2023

Leaf Magnet

That's Nona, about two weeks ago.
"What are you looking at?"
One of her favorite things to do outside in the yard is run after her tennis ball, prance around with it, then roll around on the ground.  The leaves attach to her fur but, thankfully, they brush off easily before she comes inside.
It was 23 degrees, with frost, the other day.  I thought Nona would just run and play but she was her happy self rolling around on the ground.  She sticks her paws in the air, then twists and turns on her back, and happily chew her ball.  What a girl!

Her fur is growing and she could do with a clip but I don't really want to send her into winter with short hair.  Brrrrr.  Maybe just a trim will do.



  1. Aren't our tennis balls just the bestest ever, Nona. You look so happy with yours♥

    1. Yes, they are the best. My tennis ball is the only toy I play with, and it makes me very happy, Molly.


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