Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Height of Airedale Fashion...

Airedale Nona wearing t-shirt as post-spay surgery protecton
...for the just-spayed lady, to prevent chewing and licking.  Nona doesn't know how silly she looks.

In case you can't tell what she's wearing, we bought a package of men's strap t-shirts.  We put one over her head with the back toward her chest and the front over her back.  We put her head through the neck hole and her legs through the armholes.  We tied a knot in the hem so her legs wouldn't catch and trip on the shrit.  She wore this when going outside to do her business. 

When inside most of the time, she also wore a shirt over her back end.  The hem of the shirt went over her bottom first which allowed her tail to go through neck hole and her legs to go through the armholes.  When both shirts were on, I pinned the top shirt behind her neckline so it wouldn't slide off or drag low and trip her.
She looked pretty silly but she was protected, and since she was on limited activity it wasn't like she was out and about in the neighborhood, the park, or stores.  Even if people had laughed, she probably would have enjoyed it.

It's been 11 days since her surgery and I think the incision is healed.  The amazing thing is that she never tried to touch it, not to bite or scratch or lick it.  Amazing!

We hope you're having good days and enjoying the beginning of autumn.

--Nancy and Nona.


  1. It doesn't matter how you look as long as it works! I am so happy that your mom turned us on to your blog, Nona. Mom used to call her Italian grandmother, Nonna - so that makes you one very special girl!

  2. Yes, appearance isn't as important as effectiveness. I don't know the difference between Nonna and Nona but I think they might sound the same. I feel special living with the mom I have now. Thank you for coming to visit and leaving a comment, Molly.


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