Friday, September 28, 2012

My Favorite Toy

I have a basket of toys that I can play with any time I want.  Sometimes I spread them all over the floor.

But some toys my mum puts up high and says I can only play with them under supervision - whatever that is.

When I want to play with those toys I have to ask her to get them down for me.  I stare at the toy I want, then go to Mum and try to get her to go back to the toy I want.  She finally figures it out.

One of my favorites is the toy she calls Frances.  (It's the stretchy pink one up there.)  I first got Frances last Christmas time.  My sister bought Francis for my brother-in-law and then they let me play with her for a little while.  They saw how much I loved her and they gave her to me.  I've had 3 Franceses so far.

I like to flip Frances up and down, toss her around, and chew on her.  She is so much fun.  Sometimes my mum and I play tug with her.

My mum and I played tug with the last one and my mum broke her in two.  She had to buy me a new Frances. I wish my mum would let me have her all the time but she says she has to protect me, so she puts Frances back up high until she can watch me play with her.  Mum usually gets her down whenever I ask.  I think Frances is my Very Best Toy. 

What's one of your favorite toys?
from Hannah

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Best Dog of All"

My older friend kept a scrapbook when she was a girl. A few years ago when she was looking through it she found this article clipped from some unknown and undated newspaper, probably published nearly 70 years ago. She was pleased to let me make copies. I retyped the words for legibility. (If you'd like to read the article or see a larger view of the photos, click on the images to enlarge them, then click again to make them even larger.)

The article describes the work of British Col. Ernest H. Richardson and his work in training Airedales to aid in civil defense and to go to the aid of injured citizens.

Of Airedales he says, "The best dog of all for the purpose of home defense work is the Airedale. He stands well off the ground and is strong, speedy and immensely keen. His intelligence makes him easily trained and readily teachable."
He said he has his older dogs help teach the younger dogs. "My two best teachers are Topsy and Nancy, who have been with me for years. They teach good manners to the young ones. And they repress any tendency toward barking. The younger dogs copy the older ones and learn their tricks quickly." He details his training method on the page above.

He also trained Airedales for messenger work in conjunction with carrier pigeons, for sentry duty, rescue work, as watch dogs, and as airplane spotters.

Airedales are such noble dogs! I was pleased to learn this bit of their history in the words of the person who trained the Airedales.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Everything's Funny to An Airedale

One of the characteristics that endears Airedales to me is their sense of humor and their joi de vivre. But not everyone loves those traits.

I have an older friend who had an Airedale. Her husband wanted the Airedale puppy but she wasn't so sure. They picked up the puppy one evening and when they got home her husband put the puppy in the hallway and went to bed, leaving her to take care of it. She wasn't happy. She grew to love the Airedale as much as her husband and was beyond sad when they lost her.

Even though she loved their Airedale, she didn't really like Airedales because, she said,

"Everything's funny to an Airedale."

There's the truth of it! Airedales have a great sense of humor and they're always ready to laugh at you and at themselves. Not only that, they love making their humans laugh. They're ready for a good time most any time -- except when there's some business at hand, and then it's all work and no play.

Our Hannah is generally a serious girl. We think its because of the early abuse and neglect during her first two years. As she gains confidence we're seeing bits of humor now and then. It's fun to watch her blossom but I doubt she'll ever regain the Airedale spirit that she was born with.

To you Airedale readers out there: What do you do to make your humans laugh?

Thanks for stopping by.

posted by Nancy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just When She's About to Take a Photo

My mum likes to take photos of me, but she says it's awful hard to have a blog about an Airedale when the Airedale -- me! -- doesn't like to be photographed!

This is what I do just when she snaps the photo.

I turn my head to the right.

I look at Mum, hang my ears down, and look unhappy.

I turn my head to the left, look wild-eyes, and pull my ears back even further.

I turn my head to the left, put my ears low, and squinch my eyes.
Mum says we're gonna keep practicing because she's sure I can become a better model. I want to be a model like Wyatt and Stanzie & Molly, and Mitch. They are good models!

Thanks for stoppin' by.
from Hannah