Friday, September 28, 2012

My Favorite Toy

I have a basket of toys that I can play with any time I want.  Sometimes I spread them all over the floor.

But some toys my mum puts up high and says I can only play with them under supervision - whatever that is.

When I want to play with those toys I have to ask her to get them down for me.  I stare at the toy I want, then go to Mum and try to get her to go back to the toy I want.  She finally figures it out.

One of my favorites is the toy she calls Frances.  (It's the stretchy pink one up there.)  I first got Frances last Christmas time.  My sister bought Francis for my brother-in-law and then they let me play with her for a little while.  They saw how much I loved her and they gave her to me.  I've had 3 Franceses so far.

I like to flip Frances up and down, toss her around, and chew on her.  She is so much fun.  Sometimes my mum and I play tug with her.

My mum and I played tug with the last one and my mum broke her in two.  She had to buy me a new Frances. I wish my mum would let me have her all the time but she says she has to protect me, so she puts Frances back up high until she can watch me play with her.  Mum usually gets her down whenever I ask.  I think Frances is my Very Best Toy. 

What's one of your favorite toys?
from Hannah


  1. We have a basket full of toys too, Hannah but we don't have a Frances. She looks like fun! I love tug toys and antlers and Molly loves to play ball.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Tug toys are some of the best because you don't play alone. Someone else plays with you with a tug toy. I like to play with squeaky balls. My mum is teachin' me to play "bounce-n-catch." Thanks for coming to visit.

  2. I really like a brown paper bag, I can shake it and it makes noise. If anybody tries to take it from me it rips and I still have a mouthful! Ha! You can't take it away! I'll just run all over the house shaking it, then outside with it, Keep Away Game

    1. Hi, Woody. A paper bag sounds like fun. I don't think I ever played with one. I'll ask my mum to give me one. Thanks for visitin'.
      from Hannah.


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