Friday, September 7, 2012

Everything's Funny to An Airedale

One of the characteristics that endears Airedales to me is their sense of humor and their joi de vivre. But not everyone loves those traits.

I have an older friend who had an Airedale. Her husband wanted the Airedale puppy but she wasn't so sure. They picked up the puppy one evening and when they got home her husband put the puppy in the hallway and went to bed, leaving her to take care of it. She wasn't happy. She grew to love the Airedale as much as her husband and was beyond sad when they lost her.

Even though she loved their Airedale, she didn't really like Airedales because, she said,

"Everything's funny to an Airedale."

There's the truth of it! Airedales have a great sense of humor and they're always ready to laugh at you and at themselves. Not only that, they love making their humans laugh. They're ready for a good time most any time -- except when there's some business at hand, and then it's all work and no play.

Our Hannah is generally a serious girl. We think its because of the early abuse and neglect during her first two years. As she gains confidence we're seeing bits of humor now and then. It's fun to watch her blossom but I doubt she'll ever regain the Airedale spirit that she was born with.

To you Airedale readers out there: What do you do to make your humans laugh?

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posted by Nancy.


  1. We hope you regain your AireSpirit, Hannah!
    Just being our clownish selves makes our hoomans laugh!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Our 11 year old 'Stanzie' girl, is all about the hunt and very serious. She feels that she has a mission to keep our property vermin free and there is no stopping her.
    But both of our male dales, first 'Leo' and now 'Wyatt' have been clowns from the start. Wyatt likes to steal things and the chase is on. That dog is ALWAYS smiling and ALWAYS trying to engage in play...24/7!! Wyatt and Stanzie's mom

  3. Oh my, where to start?? I love makin' my Ma chase me when I have somethin'. Doesn't matter if it's a ball or somethin' I'm not suppose to have (I know...shocking!!). I just HAVE TO have peeps chasin' me, I just love it! I also like 'talking' to my toys. It's not to get attention, I just like talkin' to my stuffs. Ma thinks it's funny.




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