Friday, November 9, 2012

Sunday School Dogs

Two little Airedale pups are we 
Shaggy of coat and of gender "she."

I just discovered these two Airedale puppies which Christine of The Daily Postcard shared a while ago in her post Sunday School Dogs.  In the post she explains that a Sunday School teacher used the postcard to invite one of her students to a meeting.  The teacher had crossed out the writing on the front.

When I asked Christine if I could use the postcard image here she sent it to me almost immediately.  She also shared the following story:
I used to have an Airedale mix. She was a gem. Years ago when I had the dog, I also had a room mate who had a landscaping business. She would take Chloe to work with her, which was much better than leaving her at home by herself. Chloe loved to dig, so it was a perfect partnership. My room mate would point to a spot on the ground and tell Chloe to dig. That dog would dig until someone told her to stop. Then, my roommate would tell her to dig in another spot...and another. In the meantime, my room mate would be getting all of the plants ready to place in the ready-made holes.
When my room mate and I parted ways, I realized that if Chloe came with me she would be cooped up at home all day while I was at the office. As much as it broke my heart, we agreed that she would be much happier spending the days outdoors, digging holes and getting lots of attention. She was the best dog ever. Sniff sniff.
Gotta love those Airedales!  And generous Christine to think first of Chloe's needs!

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