Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No Airedales in Helsinki

My sister and her husband took this photo last October when they were in Helsinki. They said it was at the entrance to a public garden in the city. They know my mum loves us Airedales and they thought she would like the drawing. She likes the drawing but she doesn't like the "X" on the drawing. And neither do I.

Why wouldn't they want Airedales in the garden? Everyone knows that we Airedales love to dig and do excellent digging work. We are very helpful when it comes to turning over the earth and loosening the soil. Those people in Helsinki must not know much about us Airedales.

Have you ever seen a sign like this anywhere else but in Helsinki?!


  1. Now that's rude! Some of us are very well behaved and don't dig! You can see the halo around our heads, right?!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Hmph! I guess that means you can walk your horse or tiger in the public garden but not an Airedale!

  3. Molly and Mitch - I know we Airedales who happen to be diggers would never think of digging in a public garden. I see your halos and I have one too. (I've fool my mum pretty good.)

  4. Sherry, I didn't think about that. Maybe they have horses and tigers there and that's why they don't want Airedales! Or maybe they have kitties in the garden. Hmph is right!

  5. Maybe it's really a Welsh Terrier? I had an Airedale cross that I had to allow to move away with my roommate when we parted ways. She was a landscaper and she would take the dog out to work with her. She would point at the ground and say "dig". The dog would dig until she told her to stop. Then she would instruct the dog to dig in another spot and another. It saved her having to dig holes for all of the plants - and the dog had a great time. Airedales are the best.

  6. Christine, I just now realized that you left a comment. (Sorry to be so late.)

    I am sitting here laughing at your Airedale cross who dug on command. The other part of her must have had some obedient genes. So often Airedales choose for themselves. How fabulous the have an Airedale dig on command!

    Yes, I suppose it could be a Welsh. From a drawing like this one it would be hard to tell for sure.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  7. Hey...what's up with that? Couldn't they use a picture of a Beagle or a German Shepard Dog?


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