Monday, November 25, 2019

So Fast!

Hannah loved a good tuckbuttrun around the yard.

Faster!  Faster!
We cheered her on, encouraging her to pick up speed.

She was too fast for my camera!
Or maybe I just didn't click the button fast enough.

She studiously ignores me.
"I see you have a camera.
I'm not going to look at you."

And she didn't -- until I put the camera away.

Dear Hannah!



  1. Those cameras can never keep up with the speed of our beloved Airedales. Oh how they love to run♥

  2. Oh, there is no camera fast enough for we Airedales! The peeps should have figured this out by now!! BOL!!! Angel Hanna, I would have loved to do some butt-tuck zoomies with you gurl! I knows your Moms misses you tons, and is smiling at your blurry zoomie pics!
    I hopes you and your family have a most FABulous Thanksgiving!!
    Ruby ♥


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