Saturday, January 26, 2019

I Had to Beg -- Postively Beg!

I see what you have, Pop.
Don't you think you should share?

My pop knows I love cheese corn.
But do you think he offered me any?

He usually tosses pieces to me to catch
but this time I had to beg and beg!
When I beg I just stare at what I want.
And finally, finally, he gave me some.

I think Airedales with cancer
should get everything they want,
whenever they want it without begging.
Don't you?

from Hannah.


  1. I absolutely 100% agree with you, Hannah - everything you want, whenever you want it and NO begging! You're a lucky girl! All I ever get is AirePopcorn with no butter and barely any salt on it but it's popcorn so it's all good, right?!

  2. WHAT??!!! BEG?? I totally agree Hannah, anythings you wants should be YOURS! I means, you DO run the house, rights??? And you are the one fighting the Evil C monster. You never knows if that cheesy poppycorns could helps in the fight, rights?? I means CHEESE is a magical thing! just sayin'....
    Ruby ♥


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