Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Messages of Love

You know how I know my mum loves me?

She feeds me care-its.
Every morning she shaves them,
washes them, and cuts them into pieces
(but not always into heart shapes).

She puts them with my kibble and bran.
I love care-its.

Other message foods she give me are
  • let-us, which means let us play, or let us go for a walk, or let us go for a ride. I love to do all those things.
  • oranges for orange-ya-glad about something or other. I'm glad I live with my mum and she's glad I live with her.
  • ap-pulls for when she's gonna pull out my hair. She calls it stripping me. It's a good thing she only does it once a year because I don't like it too much. She says it keeps my coat black and wiry, which doesn't matter to me.
She never gives me grapes or onions because she says they could kill me. She also never gives me chocolate but one time I found some just layin' around and I ate it. Chocolate is my favorite treat but no matter how cute I am, mum won't give me any. She puts it up high or hides it a cupboard or closet.

I'm a really good Airedale because I never steal food from the kitchen table and I never counter-surf. But if the food's on the work table where mum works on her computin' and quiltin' and family history I think it's for me and than I take it.

Does your mum feed you care-its?


  1. I don't like carrots. I chew them into a big pile of mush and leave them on the floor for Ma to clean up. I do like tomatoes and lettuce. Ma calls me her 'salad dog'. I don't (usually) take food from the counter or table, but I think that's because Ma's previous Airedale DID, and she put everything WAY back where I can't reach it. No fun!



  2. I luv care-its! But, I eat mine right out of the garden with the green tops still on and a little bit of dirt....Now I want mine to be cut into heart shapes too. I think your mom loves you more :(


  3. Geeeeee, I've never had a carrot before. I'm going to ask if I can't please have one today so I can see if I love it. Mitch says they're delicious. There isn't much he doesn't like - me either!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Mom has been feeding us snap peas and then green beans from the garden. She likes to listen to us crunch but then she has the gall to complain about the airey results later in the evening!

  5. Ruby, I've never had tomatoes. I'm going to ask my mum to give me some. We are both very good dogs for not taking food from the counters.
    Thanks for your comment, Ruby.
    from Hannah

  6. Oh, Wyatt, that would be so fun to dig and eat your own care-its! My mum doesn't always cut them into heart shapes. I know your mum loves you lots and lots.
    Thanks for visiting.
    -from Hannah.

  7. Oh, Molly, I hope you love care-its like I do! They are delicious.
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog.
    -from Hannah

  8. Alanis and Miro, I think you should just ignore your mum's comments about the airey results for your diet. Just smile big and pretend like it's her!
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog.
    -from Hannah


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