Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Applique an Airedale, Part 5 - Photos

This is an overview of the creation of "N is for Nosepoke."

Drawing the pattern onto the stabilizer.

Drawing the individual pattern pieces onto the
matte side of freezer paper.

Ironing the background fabric.

Stitching the background fabric to the stabilizer
which has the pattern drawn onto it.

Ironing two freezer paper pattern pieces
onto the front side of fabric.

A pattern piece cut out with edges folded to the back and
pressed. On the right side of the blue piece you can
just barely see the white freezer paper around the edge.

Both pieces of the back side of "N" with folded edges.
Gluestick was used to keep several sections of the fold in place.

The front side of the "N" with the freezer paper still attached.

Both sections of the "N." The blue section has already been stitched.
The section with freezer paper is pinned, ready to be stitched.
I leave the freezer paper on until after the piece has been stitched.
You can just barely see the pattern through the background fabric.

The "N" and two legs stitched in place.

The little 'dale's beard is stitched in place.

The little 'dale's head stitched in place.

The little 'dale's ears pinned in place, ready to be stitched.

Big 'dale's head, near front leg, and belly stitched.
Back leg, thigh, and tail pinned, ready to be stitched.

Big 'dale's saddle pinned in place. The head, neck, and leg
were cut in one piece but for the applique to lay flat,
the head and saddle needed to interlock. The lower part
of the head/neck/leg piece is behind the black saddle;
the back of the neck/head is on top of the saddle.

A larger photo of the above image.

Little 'dale's paws have been added, big 'dale's saddle and ears
have been stitched. Eyes, mouth, and noses have been added.
Embroidery floss is being auditioned for eyebrow details.

Detail of noses, mouth, and eyebrows.

The finished block.

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  1. Excellent job on these instructions, Nancy!! They should be required reading for all hand appliquers!

  2. Thanks for looking at and responding to the instructions. I appreciate the feedback.

    I hope people who land on Part 5 also know to look at Parts 1-4 because they have step-by-step instructions which, in some cases, may be more helpful.

  3. Not being a quilter, I had no idea there were so many steps. (Of course, I'm now thoroughly intimidated.) I'm going to go back and see all the other steps and hope you'll do similar posts for other quilt blocks.

  4. I've been wanting to order an 'S' and a 'W', but was not sure how it would go. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Wyatt's Mom

  5. That is so cute! I wish I had the time to make one! Of course, I'd have to make one of Corgis. ;-)


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